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How To Remove Rust Spots Of Stainless Steel Sink?-Symbolsink


A. Toothpaste cleaning

The toothpaste that we often use in daily life is the excellent prop to removes rust spot. Squeezing toothpaste on rust spot of the sink, wipe with soft cloth repeatedly until rust spot disappears, then rinse with clear water. This method works well in most situations.

B. DIY detergent

In addition to toothpaste, we can also DIY detergent to clean up the rust spots. Firstly, we wash the rusty spots with clean water. Secondly, sprinkle lemon juice on the toilet paper and then cover the spots, wait 10 minutes, and then get rid of the toilet paper. After that, sprinkle baking soda on the spots, and finally use an old toothbrush to rub it repeatedly. Usually, this method is as useful as toothpaste cleaning.

C. Buy detergent

There are many special detergent for cleaning stainless steel rust spots in the market. Those goods have apparent cleaning effect on rust spots of stainless steel sink and smoke exhaust ventilator. But we had better purchase brand products to avoid buying fake goods which has no practical effect.

D. White vinegar cleaning

White vinegar also works very good on removing the rust of stainless steel sink. White vinegar contains a lot of acetic acid which will occur chemical reaction with rust, so as to removing rust. How to use this method? Just simply sprinkle the vinegar evenly on the surface of the rust and then add some salt.


All the methods mentioned above have impact on both drawn stainless steel sink and handmade stainless steel sink. If you want your stainless steel sink keep clean without rust all the time, besides clean it in time, do right maintenance is the most critical way. We will talk about how to maintain stainless steel sink in our daily life in next news.

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