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Stainless Steel Sink & Granite Composite Sink, Which Is Better?-Symbolsink


One of the most important functions of the kitchen is the cleaning function. There are a lot of washing works before and after meals. The kitchen sink is used most frequently among many functional parts in the kitchen. It can be said that the sink is the heart of the kitchen. How to choose a good sink is very important for consumers.  There are a variety of sink materials on the market. The most common sink materials consumers go to the building materials market are the following two types: one is a stainless steel sink, and the other is a granite composite sink. Which one is better? Next, we mainly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of sinks, so that you can choose between them.

What is a stainless steel sink?

The stainless steel sink is made of stainless steel, processed on the main body through integral stretching or welding, and then formed after surface treatment.

Advantages of stainless steel sinks:

1. Cost-effective

2. Easy to style

3. Resistant to impact and abrasion, without damaging the cleaned utensils

4. Acid and alkali resistant to oxidation, bright as new

Disadvantages of stainless steel sinks:

1. Easily scratched

2. Poor oil resistance

What is a granite composite sink?

Granite composite sink refers to the use of high-purity quartz stone materials, mixed with a certain amount of food-grade resin materials (generally composed of 94% quartz and 6% resin as the main raw material), under high temperature and vacuum state, the whole one-time casing through high-tech process forming.

Advantages of granite composite sink:

1. Environmental protection, safety, non-toxic, no radiation

2. High hardness and density, reaching Mohs hardness of 6-7, so it is not easy to be scratched, anti-penetration and anti-oil, and the dense and non-porous structure makes tiny kitchen bacteria nowhere to hide

3. Rock solid, durable, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, impact resistant, easy to clean

4. Natural texture, luxurious and elegant

Disadvantages of granite composite sink:

1. High price

2. It is not easy to process and shape, because the hardness is too high, so the shape is relatively simple

So, which one is better, stainless steel sink or quartz stone sink? In terms of materials, if it is not bad, it is of course the quartz stone sink; if the budget is limited, it is recommended to choose the 304 stainless steel sink, which is the most cost-effective.

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