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How To Clean The Stainless Steel Sink-Symbolsink


The kitchen sink is something that is used every day in daily life. The probability that the stainless steel sink is selected in the family selection is very high. Everyone will wash vegetables, wash fruits, wash dishes and wash pots in the sink every day. After using the sink It is always dirty. If you want to keep it clean, the sink cleaning is very necessary. Here is a brief introduction to how to clean the stainless steel sink.

Stainless steel sink cleaning method

Materials needed for cleaning: detergent, distilled white vinegar, baking soda, lemon or lime, rags, toothbrushes, nylon sponges.

1. First, thoroughly rinse the sink. Salt and acid in the food will damage the coating on the surface of the stainless steel sink, so after each day of use, it must be rinsed to prevent corrosion.

2. Next, after wetting the stainless steel surface, sprinkle the baking soda, then smear the baking soda everywhere into a paste, scrub the bottom and all around, rinse.

3. In order to clean the grooves in the sink and the joint between the top and the countertop, you can use a soft toothbrush dipped in baking soda to gently brush, rinse, and re-brush... until these details are clean.

4. After you have cleaned the surface and details, put a layer of paper towel which soaked in white vinegar in the sink. After standing for 20 minutes in this way, take out the paper towel and discard it.

5. Next, after soaking soapy water with nylon sponge, clean the sink again, then rinse it with water.

6. After cutting the lemon or lime in half, place it at the drain and flush it with water. In addition to cleaning the sewer, this can also have a fragrance.

7. For the faucet, wipe it with neutral and mild soapy water. For those fingers and rags that are difficult to reach, you can use the brush again to help. If there are spots, the rag can be removed with white vinegar.

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