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Sound Silencer Pad & Anti-Condensation Coating Of Stainless Steel Sink-Part A-Symbolsink


Everyone knows silencers. It is a kind of gasket attached to the back of the stainless steel sink, at the bottom and around the sink. Its function is to avoid the noise of the stainless steel kitchen sink caused by water falling.Generally, after the sound silencer pad is attached, a layer of anti-condensation coating is sprayed on the back. This article will give an introduction to the silencer and anti-condensation coating.

Many friends ask why there are always a few unpleasant smells in the kitchen sink? There are generally two reasons, one is that the sewer is blocked or the sewer of the sink does not have a trap to prevent the smell of the sewer. The second is the problem of silencer pads.

Sound silencer pads are usually divided into two types, one is compact sponge. Non-polluting and environmentally friendly materials within the EVA material (polystyrene) standard. The other is environmentally friendly rubber synthetic materials. It has passed various environmental certifications and strict functional certifications.

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