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Sound Silencer Pad & Anti-Condensation Coating Of Stainless Steel Sink-Part B-Symbolsink


The above two kinds of sound-absorbing pads (made of compact sponge or rubber) of stainless steel sinks are common in the market, but we still need to be vigilant, because such a simple sound-absorbing film that replaces noise will be used by merchants to increase weight.

Generally, consumers who buy stainless steel products feel that the heavier they are, the more authentic the material is. Therefore, in order to cater to consumers’ buying habits, many businesses use thicker sound-absorbing pads to increase the weight of their products. Many of these silencers are made of recycled materials or even scrap tires. There is no environmental certification at all, and some odors cannot even be covered by the anti-condensation coating. And over time, it will break when you pinch it with your hands. Therefore, the kitchen sink has a pungent smell, the main reason is that it emits. Don't look at such a small piece. A sticker around the sink can increase the weight by at least 2 to 3 kilograms.

There are even some profit-only merchants, in order to benefit from the reduced cost of stainless steel materials, use thickened silencers and thickened coatings to fill the weight. Everyone can take a closer look when buying a sink. The thicker the anti-condensation coating on the back of the sink does not mean the better the quality of the sink. If it is too thick, oil will collect and leak. Generally, the coating thickness of a regular factory is about 0.6 to 0.8mm. 

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