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How to inspect the stainless steel sink


Except for basic measurement work, our inspectors will pay much attention to check the details of handmade stainless sinks. They need to make sure each stainless sink is wonderfully shaped, without deformation, curly or shark edges, scratches or bubble on the surface. Besides, for the ones with straight corners, the inspectors shall check if it is well welded, no yellowing. While for the ones with round corner, it should be polished brightly and delicately. Even some small defects, they will pick up all of them and rework until the sinks are with perfect shape and surface.

In addition to the stainless sink itself, the related fitting and accessories are also be carefully inspected: the coating on the back of stainless sink need be well sprayed, without cracking or flowing marks; the silence pads shall be solidly stuck on the sides of sinks; the logo is correctly engraved on the sink, including the location, pattern and color; the accessories such as template, strainer, grid, product catalog or instruction are completely packed in the carton box, no leaving out any of them.

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