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Why SUS304 stainless steel sink rust?


 Reason 1  
Stainless steel sink won't be rusty in normal daily use, the situation that the sink has rust spots usually happen when we just finished decoration.  
Reason 2:  
Because the pipe of the new house have many iron filings and rust water, these impurity is precipitated in cistern surface that could cause rust spot.  
Reason 3:  
Decoration workers often pour chemical paint into the sink and do not clean it in time, or often soak metal tools, which is also one of the reasons for the sink to rust.  
But how to fix?  
Method 1:  
Stick toothpaste on a clean cloth to wipe, and then clean with water.  These are surface rust, early treatment would work.  
Method 2:  
Do not  no cleaning the sink for a long time, when washing things, there will be oil stains on the surface of the sink, dust, oil stains, dirt precipitation for a long time after air drying will corrosion of the nickel element in the stainless steel that could cause surface rust  
Of course, buy a high quality stainless steel sink also is a good way, for example symbol sink is a good choice.  
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