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The kitchen sink


Sink type is the biggest influence on using.  In the past, the most common sink is drop in sink.  But later people found out that, when drop in sink is being used, there are a lot of problems.  For example, if there is water on the table or dirty things, you can only clean carefully.  Undermount sink , however, can directly sweep the dirt from the counter into the sink - because there is no protruding edge of the sink.  
But drop in sink is not good for nothing, its biggest advantage is the quality, and easy to install.  For sink installation worker, install sink undermount, the cost is higher is than the drop in's.  Or some people will choose to install by themselves, for these people, of course, we recommend that you choose the drop in sink.  
undermount sink is the most welcome at present, but it's required to affort very high heavy pressure -- strictly speaking, it requires for higher requirement of installation skill. However, if the worker have a bit of experience, they can install them well, so it won't be a problem.
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