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Zero radius sink vs Small round radius sink

The stainless steel sink of the kitchen will be divided by the structure, can be defined into a zero radius sink and a small round radius sink .

Note that the zero radius and rounded radius here refer to the welding of the four sides of the basin, not the corner treatment of the sink. The advantage of zero radius sink is that the process is relatively simple, and the finished product looks sharp and angular, which makes people feel more high-end.

The shortcomings of the zero radius sink, however, are more difficult to accept. Because the four sides of the weld of the basin are 90 degrees right Angle, it is difficult to clean.

So for a long time use, it is very easy to accumulate dirt, and very difficult to clean up. In particular, some oil sticks to the weld, it is easy to turn yellow and corrosion welding, after a long time, it will cause welding rust.

When the time comes, unless we use the special welding road brightener to clean the welding, it is difficult to eliminate. Therefore, many savvy consumers are slowly losing interest in Zero radius sinks. Then came the gold R10 with rounded corners.

Rounded corner tank as the upgrade product of right Angle tank, not only inherited the edges and corners of right Angle tank, the advantages of high-end atmosphere, but also perfect for solving the problem of dirt, not easy to clean.

The R10 rounded corner design is very in line with the human aesthetic, the basin is polished bright, will not collect dirt and black. Although the working procedure on the craft was a little more, the overall beauty and practicability were greater than before.

So when people buy a sink, notice the inside corner of the sink is zero radius or small round radius, because the working procedure of a zero radius sink is a bit less, the price can also be a bit cheaper correspondingly. If you don't want to put up with cleaning a dirty sink, a sink with rounded corners is a better choice.
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