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50/50 Stainless Steel Double-bowl Kitchen Sink, RD-3118P-Symbolsink

Model No.: RD-3118P
Overall Size: 31 1/4'' x 18 1/8''
Bowl Size: 14'' x 16 1/8'' (L) 14'' x 16 1/8'' (R)
Depth: 10''/10''
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Product Details

50/50 Stainless Steel Double-bowl Kitchen Sink, RD-3118P

Model No.:
Type: Handmade Sink, 10mm or 15mm Radius
Overall Size: 31 1/4'' x 18 1/8''
Bowl Size: 14'' x 16 1/8'' (L)
                  14'' x 16 1/8'' (R)
Depth:  10''/10''
Material: SUS 304
Thickness: 16 Gauge, 18 Gauge
Finish: Satin
Origin: Malaysia
Sample: Available
Stainless steel sinks made in Malaysia are free of ANTI-DUMPING DUTY & EXTRA TARIFF!

Whether you are a home chef or someone who relies deeply on instant food, having a stainless steel sink that can be easily maintain and clean saves a lot of time. In fabricated sinks, radius sinks are known for its easy to clean capabilities. You can easily wipe and clean the corners of your sinks, which are generally hard to reach on zero radius sinks. RD-3118P features double bowl design which allows user to conveniently manage tasks accordingly. Some homeowner can be sensitive about which bowl is used for which specific task and double bowl sinks can easily resolves it.

Fabricated sinks can be tricky to design and fabricate. Without the proper pressure and grooves design, water can collect in random areas of the sink which can be very troublesome to users. The welding techniques used is very important as well. The right welding technique can avoid rust and prolong the life of your sink. It can also hide unpleasant marks. Our technicians are properly trained to weld the sink for optimum quality.


Details of the 50/50 Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, RD-3118P

details of small radius handmade sink.jpg


Handmade Sink Packing 

A、 1 pc per carton

package of double bowl handmade sink.jpg

  B、Nested on pallet, highly cost effective

nested handmade sink packaing


About Symbolsink  

Leading Supplier of Handmade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
With our years of experience in working with renowned brands, Symbolsink developed a system and services that makes your purchasing process convenient and less after after purchase dilemma. Sinks can be designed, developed and pack according to your target market. Our team uses our knowledge and experience to assist and support your growth. We make sure that the sinks developed through us are not only stunning but also of great quality. Our raw materials are sourced from quality supplier and are tested. Our finished products undergo stringent quality control inspection to ensure their quality.


1.  How can i get the pricing?

The cost of the sink varies depending on several factors including packaging, quantity, design and cost of raw material. Our sales team would be happy to provide suitable and accurate pricing based on your sink needs.

2.  What type of material is used to produce the sinks?

Our sinks are typically produced from SUS 304 stainless steel. But we have produced and can easily manufacture sinks using SUS316 stainless steel. If you need such sink for high end market, please contact our sales team and they would immediately provide you with suitable information.

3.  Can I visit your factory?

We welcome you to. We take pride in our factory and would gladly give you a tour of our factory. Please contact our sales team so that they could make all necessary arrangement for your visit.

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