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Stainless Sinks Kitchen, RD-3320AL-Symbolsink

Model No.: RD-3320AL

Overall Size: 33" x 20"

Bowl Size:17" x 18"( L )14" x 15"( R )

Depth: 10"/8"

Product Details

Product Description of Stainless Sinks Kitchen, RD-3320AL

Small radius sinks are known for its commercial kitchen sink look. It exudes and represents elegance, an immediate eye-catcher in the kitchen. Lots of homeowners who picked small radius sinks rave about the compliments on the sink they receive from guests. Small radius kitchen sinks compliments modern luxurious kitchen. Yet with this sink, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for beauty. 

Specifications of Stainless Sinks Kitchen, RD-3320AL

Model No                     

TypeHandmade Sink , 10mm or 15mm Radius                                                                                   
Overall Size33’’ x 20’’
Bowl Size

17 “ x 18 ” ( L )

14 “ x 15 ” ( R )

MaterialSUS 304
Thickness16 Gauge, 18 Gauge



Stainless steel sinks made in Malaysia has NO ANTI-DUMPING DUTY as well as No Extra Tariffs!

Handmade Sink Packing 

package of dStainless Sinks Kitchen

About Symbolsink  

 Leading Supplier of Stainless Sinks Kitchen

Symbolsink is renowned for it advance surface treatment technology. Our brushed satin finish is unique compared to other satin finish. It is finer, more stunning and more scratch resistant. Symbolsink has recently upgraded our facility, resulting in faster and more cost effective production. Our factory equips the latest automated machines so that sinks are processed faster. As some aspects of our production is machine operated, there is less room for error. Throughout the years, our team have been working with well renowned companies and have providing them all the support needed to flourish their brands. Our strict quality control policy helps maintain the quality of our work.



1 How can i get the pricing?

The cost of the sink varies depending on several factors including packaging, quantity, design and cost of raw material. Our sales team would be happy to provide suitable and accurate pricing based on your sink needs.

2.  How long do I have wait for a sample?

Please feel free to contact our team, our sales team would gladly arrange samples to be sent to you if the products are in stock. If not, they would provide you with a suitable lead time for the sample.

3.  Can I visit your factory?

We welcome you to. We take pride in our factory and would gladly give you a tour of our factory. Please contact our sales team so that they could make all necessary arrangement for your visit.

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Stainless Sinks Kitchen, RD-3320AL-Symbolsink

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Stainless Sinks Kitchen, RD-3320AL, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, wholesale, cheap, best, price

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