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After both American and Canadian importers of drawn stainless steel sink from China were imposed up to 65%-200% of anti-dumping and countervailing duties, the booming industry’s bubble burst and the glory it was enjoying went downhill. Many importers had to look for other options, but at that time the options were limited. As stainless steel sink production from other countries could not match the experience and resources of stainless steel sink manufacturers in China. It is then when Symbolsink decided to invest in a factory in Selangor, Malaysia.


Having connections and knowledge of the country, we knew that we were building something with an edge. Symbolsink took the knowledge, experience and advanced technology we possessed and built a successful factory in Malaysia. Unmatched expertise and resources molded into one exceptional factory.


Now, years after establishing our factory, the process, production, team of experts, and quality of our sinks are more refined. Like a well-oiled machine. With consistent production capacity and quality, Symbolsink’s stainless steel sinks are cUPC certified. With the increasing demands of our customers, we have expanded our Malaysian factory. This is set to accommodate our increasing orders. Please feel free to come and visit us personally. We hope that we could help you grow your business just as we have with our current customers. 


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