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Single-bowl Handmade Sink, ZS-1818-Symbolsink

Model No.: ZS-1818

Overall Size: 18'' x 18''

Bowl Size: 16'' x 16''

Depth: 10''
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Product Details

Single-bowl Handmade Sink, ZS-1818

Model No.: ZS-1818
Type: Handmade Sink, Zero Radius  
Overall Size: 18'' x 18''
Bowl Size: 16'' x 16''
Depth: 10"
Material: SUS 304
Thickness: 16G/18G
Finish: Satin
Origin: Malaysia
MOQ: 100pcs
Sample: Available
Stainless steel sinks made in Malaysia are free from ANTI-DUMPING DUTY & EXTRA TARIFF!  

ZS-1818, a square single bowl undermount handmade sink for kitchen, is made of premium stainless steel 304 which is resistant to corrosion, rust and so on. As one of the most classical styles of single bowl zero radius corner sink, the sink is padded with sound-absorb technology. Thanks to the sound silencer pads which are fully coated underneath, the noise of water flow are effectively minimized as well as prevent condensation. Creased accent lines in the sink bottom not only deliver superior drainage but also give the sink a professional appearance. Commercial grade brushed satin finish of the sink is not only stylish but also scratch-resistant.

ZS-1818, a single bowl handmade sink, which is characterized by sharp 90 degree corners and perfectly straight edges. It is easy to clean, resists most household stains; extremely hygienic, don't bury with dirty.

Details of Single-bowl Handmade Sink, ZS-1818


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Stainless steel sink is a work of art. It is the result of combined work of advance techniques, high quality raw materials, skilled workers and state-of-the-art equipment. Starting from tested high quality raw materials, it is  then processed through state-of-the-art third generation automated machines. These equipment work smoothly, swiftly , evenly and zero room for error. In order to create quality sink finish, skilled engineers use their trained skills to properly embellish the appearance of the sink.

Symbolsink has been producing high quality stainless steel sink more than 10 years . As one of the leading stainless steel kitchen sink manufacturers, Symbolsik is well known for its ability to cater to the needs of prestigious brands .Symbolsink also  provide buyers with unique OEM services specifically to fulfill their retail and wholesale needs.  Symbolsink ensures the consistency of our high quality sinks, we give importance to each production process and its stability rather than production capacity.

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What's your stainless steel grade?


Generally, our sink is made of 304 stainless steel. The thickness include 18gauge and 16gauge.


What is your Minimum Order Quantity of handmade sink?


The MOQ of handmade sink is 20 pcs/model.


What type of finish does this sink have?


The American sink has been polished to a lustrous satin finish with a very fine grain, typical of most high-end sinks. This is preferred by most homeowners because scratches do not stand out as much as they would on a polished or mirrored finish.

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